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Save time with the efficiency of rubber stamps. Instantly date or approve documents, or a multitude of other messages can be added like “copy”, “paid” or “confidential”. Custom stamps even let you choose the message you repeat the most.

Throughout the day you may repeat a process over and over again that can be simplified with a handy rubber stamp. Reduce the time and fatigue of writing by using a stamp to replace the action. Having a range of different messages stamps at hand allows you to switch between and mark each document accordingly. Hold all your stamps and keep them together in a stamp rack. Date stamps that can be updated daily make it easy to record the right date, and numbering machines let you select the amount of duplication of individual numbers. We also have DIY stamps kits and custom stamps.

Preset message stamps provide a broad range of commonly used business words and phrases in either single colour or 2 colour. Messages include “approved”, “completed”, “posted”, “urgent” and “received”. Custom stamps let you tailor the message to your business, such as your contact details. With pre-inked stamps you can stamp repeatedly without having to refill the ink between each impression. Or you may prefer to use traditional stamp pads and ink for a classic experience. Stamps offer a convenient and efficient way of marking your documents clearly and reliably.